WinDirStat is an analysis tool that shows all the contents of your hard drive. Used space, free space, distribution... Download WinDirStat free to your PC

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If you still don't know how you have your hard drives files distributed, you may need a tool with which you will easily be able to view in the most simple way how the free space of you hard drive is distributed. WinDirStat analyzes the contents of our hard drive, or only the folders that we tell it to, to show us their contents by means of a graph.

  Since we will be able to view the distribution of the files, we will know which folders store more information, how much each of the files stored on our hard drive occupies, and how much free space and unknown space, we have.

  All this can be seen reflected in a distribution map included in its interface, that can be interpreted by means of a legend that associates each of the colors of the map with a specific kind of file, being able to see how the files are distributed in a single glance. WinDirStat also allows us to eliminate outdated files or those that are in the bin.

  Find out what kind of file is more common on your hard drive, how the information is distributed and how much free space you have with WinDirStat.
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