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Window Applets is a complement that will allow you to hide the title bar of the windows in GNOME. Download Window Applets and gain space on your screen

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Window Applets is a development with which you will be able to solve one of the aspects of the that is most criticized of the GNOME desktop environment: the fact that when you maximize any window, the controls aren't in the top bar, and thus, the space occupied by the frame is lost.

  After having installed this complement, you will have the possibility to choose between various packs of buttons, with the possibility to choose the pack that best adapts to the interface of your system and that don't standout at all in comparison with the tone of the windows or the size of the preferences bar.

  The installation of this utility is recommended for those users that usually work with design applications or that require a lot of screen space and need to make the most of the screen space whenever possible.

  If you were looking for a complement for your Linux distro that would allow you to place the name of each window or folder as well as the maximize, minimize and close controls in the preference bar, download Window Applets as soon as possible.
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