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Window Detective will allow you to find all the information you need about application windows. Download Window Detective to your PC right now for free

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Do you like an application's window design? Do you want to apply the same source and colors to the window of an application that you have designed? The solution is called Window Detective.

This lightweight application will allow you to access all the information of any window that is activated in these moments on the system. Whether the Windows taskbar or the window of any application (Word, Adobe Photoshop,...).

What information does it provide?

  • Dimensions and position of the window.
  • Font used, or if it depends on the operating system.
  • Styles that are being used.
  • Code of each one of the colors and in which mode they are used.
  • Name that the window receives.

Furthermore, to make the task much easier to design, Window Detective includes a very advanced search system, that allows you to include all kinds of specification filters to be able to locate all the windows that use a specific kind of design in a quick and practical way.

Therefore, if you're interested in knowing how a window or a taskbar has been designed or you need the information to perform changes to one of your own designs, you only have to download Window Detective.

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