Windows Event Viewer

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Windows Event Viewer is a simple application with which you can quickly view all the events or errors occurred on your computer's operating system

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The Event Viewer included in Windows is a utility that offers you the possibility to see what applications or devices have failed and, therefore, try to stop the program as quickly as possible, so that the errors occurred don't place our data or our entire system in danger.

Discover all the details of each one of the events that have happened on your Windows installation

Windows Event Viewer is a program that really improves the Windows utility, and that allows you to see each of the entries with much more detail, as well as offering you the possibility to export each one of the reports related to a system failure so that we'll have the possibility to send them to a specialist so that he/she can help to solve the problem.

The program has a rather simple interface, from which you'll be able to view each one of the possible errors by type, as well as being able to access some of the applications included in Windows with which it's possible to view the performance of your computer or how the hard drives are going.

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