Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility and you'll be able to clean the Windows Installer registry so as to avoid clogging it up with unnecessary info

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Microsoft has developed over the years the most diverse utilities, with Windows Installer CleanUp Utility they present a new tool the main purpose of which is to remove from the Windows Installer any residue left behind after uninstalling something. Not to be mixed up with a system cleaning after uninstalling an application. This software is perfect so that Windows installer doesn't store excess information and starts failing.

  Many programs, like Office, stores several registries about the installation process in different places. This information isn't of any use if we check that the installation has been accomplished properly, and all the files and processes are working as they should. For theses cases, Windows Installer CleanUp Utility is perfect, because it deletes all these registries.

  Thus, if we think that an installation has finished properly, we can use Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to clean the Windows Installer and thus manage to make sure that it always works properly. Small utilities like this make Windows resist the pass of time a lot more.
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