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Windows Live Agents is a pack of programs that will act like robots for Messenger. Download Windows Live Agents and implement robots for your conversations

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If you are a developer and you would like to implement an agent for Windows Live Messenger, with Windows Live Agents you will have the opportunity and the tools necessary.

  The Windows Live Agents are actually small programs that act like messenger contacts, this means, the users have to add them to their contact list. Once added, we can maintain a conversation that the agent will answer. This is very useful if for example the agent is programmed to answer our question by retrieving the information from the Wikipedia, also if it is programmed to keep us updated with the latest football results, or to make various questions, and give us a result our horoscope.

  The possibilities are as many as the developer can imagine and has the knowledge to implement. To develop with this SDK, it is necessary to have Visual Studio 2005, that will be the environment in which Windows Live Agent will integrate.

  This application is already used by many big companies to keep contact with their users and buyers, by trying to answer the most common questions with an agent, and providing other site addresses in the case that the robot doesn't know what to answer.
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