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Windows Live Sync will allow you to synchronize folders between computers. Share their contents between various computers, download Windows Live Sync free

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Windows Live Sync, that used to be known as FolderShare, is a small application that allows us to maintain one or several folders synchronized between various computers, so that we can access their contents from any of them be means of our Windows Live account on the Internet.

  The program is also ideal to share files with friends, family and workmates.

  To be able to synchronize a folder between different computers we'll have to have Windows Live Sync installed on both of them with the corresponding permissions.

  It works in the background, detecting when you are online and when files from the synchronized folder are eliminated, modified or added, updating its status with that of the rest of computers that form part of our synchronized network.

  Windows Live Sync is also useful to synchronize our photos and videos in Windows Live and keep them updated on various computers.

  To keep our files secure, it encrypts all the synchronized files by means of the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and SSL, an encryption format that helps to maintain information anonymous and secure while traveling over the Internet. Furthermore, it authenticates the files by means of the RSA standard, a standard that is used by many companies for internal communications.
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