Windows Media Player Update 320920

Fix the security errors of Windows Media Player 8.0, upgrading and keeping it up to date by downloading Windows Media Player Update 320920 for free
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Windows Media Player 8 users enjoy a very dynamic multimedia player, integrated into Windows XP and with many possibilities, nevertheless, it suffers from some security vulnerabilities that can jeopardize the entire system. With Windows Media Player Update 320920 we will be able to fix two important security vulnerabilities.

Get rid of the vulnerability of Windows XP's player

One of the vulnerabilities jeopardizes the player's cache security, allowing applications to be launched, the other one has got to do with a vulnerability in the script invocations, that can cause your system to be infected.

With this update, we will obtain a sturdier Windows XP and with Windows Media Player without so many security vulnerabilities.

The problem with these vulnerabilities comes from the integration that Microsoft applies to these applications in Windows because any vulnerability that is exploited in these programs can affect the whole system. Furthermore, since they are preinstalled in the Windows operating system, any malicious code is sure to have a high infection potential.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This update is only compatible with Windows XP and Windows Media Player 8.
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