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6.0 Make the sidebar of desktop widgets of Windows Vista or Windows 7 compatible and install it on Windows XP by downloading Windows Sidebar XP for free
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Have you ever used the desktop widgets sidebar of Windows Vista or Windows 7? It doesn't work for Windows XP unless you use Windows Sidebar XP.

Desktop widgets for Windows XP

Windows Sidebar XP offers the sidebar of these operating systems on Windows XP. It has been packed together with two programs that are also necessary:

  1. Alky for Applications: to be able to install widgets from Windows Vista.
  2. Gadget Extractor: to make widgets by third party developers compatible.

How to use Windows Sidebar

Extract the contents and install Alky for Applications. Then do the same with Windows Sidebar. Once you restart the system, go to the Start menu. You can launch Windows Sidebar XP from "Accessories".

There are certain widgets configured by default, but you only have to move the mouse pointer to the side area and open the context menu to access a complete library of additional widgets: clocks, calendars, applications to take notes, weather information...

If you want to install widgets by third party developers use Gadget Extractor. This utility adds your new widget straight to the library of available widgets.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a RAR compatible compressor.
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Antony Peel
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