Windows XP Security Update KB824146

Download Windows XP Security Update KB824146 and fix vulnerabilities in XP. Windows XP Security Update KB824146 will really improve your PC's security

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Applications may sometimes have errors or security vulnerabilities, that aren't detected until we use them. To avoid a malfunctioning or certain errors, the big software developers offer update patches that are really advisable to install.

  The same happens with operating systems. Thus, Microsoft usually offers service packs and updates to improve the performance and security of its Windows operating systems.

  Windows XP Security Update KB824146 is an update that appeared in the MS03-039 security bulletin, that is essential for Windows XP. This update solves an important security vulnerability of that operating system, that is caused by the RPCSS buffer overflow.

  If this vulnerability isn't fixed, it would be possible for a remote attacker to take control of the computer, so it's advisable to install Windows XP Security Update KB824146.
Requirements and additional information:
This update is compatible with Window XP Home and Windows XP Professional.
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