WindowSlider is a very small application that will allow you to order the distribution of the windows on the desktop. Download WindowSlider free today

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The distribution of the different open windows on the desktop can be somewhat chaotic once you have various open at the same time, but thanks to programs like WindowSlider it will be very easy to order them.

Move the windows with the mouse, the keyboard or your fingers.

One of the main things that WindowSlider does once it is installed is to transform the desktop into an infinite place, something that will allow you to place open windows one beside the other, in such a way that they won't interfere with one another.

The program offers the possibility to move the windows with the mouse, using a keyboard shortcut or using your fingers with a tactile screen, because it includes a specific option for this type of device.

Due to this, WindowSlider allows the user to avoid distractions from the rest of active applications while working on a specific program.

Download WindowSlider to be able to order all your desktop very clearly.

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Scott McLure
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