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Block access to certain elements of the system with WinGuard Pro. Avoid that other users can access them with a password once you download WinGuard Pro free

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If we have to share our computer or we have to administrate a computer for work, we may need an application like WinGuard Pro, thanks to which we will be able to encrypt certain files or folders or block the access to certain applications.

  The program will allow us to limit the access to the applications and elements of the operating system of our choice by means of passwords, in such a way that unless the users have the password, they won't be able to alter anything from the computer.

  The program works in a very similar way, because it is only necessary to select the device, folder, file or program to block from the interface of its application and choose a password to access to those elements. We will also be able to protect the application's menu with a password, so that no one can modify the configuration.

  If you have to prepare a computer for a work post or if you don't want anyone to access your data or programs without your permission, download WinGuard Pro Security Suite now.
WinGuard Pro
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