WinLockLess is a tool designed to avoid that viruses and other malware reactivate when you reboot your computer. Download WinLockLess to your PC for free

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The virus and the rest of malware which can attack a computer also tend to affect the entries of the Windows Registry file and the boot file, that can make them reactivate even when they have been eliminated by a conventional antivirus program. To be able to avoid this you can use WinLockLess.

Block the Windows Registry file entries

WinLockLess allows the user to choose which entries of the registry file can be modified, in such a way that it will avoid that the virus can be reactivated when the user accesses the computer once again to start a session.

Another of the options offered by WinLockLess is the possibility to block the entries from the Windows Registry file of all the PCs users, in such a way that they won't be able to modify any of the Windows Registry file entries.

WinLockLess even allows us to block Windows Explorer specific options to make the operating system's file control tool much more secure.

Download WinLockLess for free to make the Windows Registry File secure.

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