WinMP3Packer transforms CBR files to VBR, thus reducing the size of the files that your player has to read without losing quality. Try WinMP3Packer for free

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This simple tool can come in very handy to reduce the size of your MP3 files on the player. Its main purpose is no other than to convert CBR files to VBR modifying its bitrate to variable. Thus you will be able to make the space that is uses smaller and include more contents on the device.

  This process can also be carried out the other way around, converting MP3 with variable bitrate into CBR files (Constant bitrate files).

  This kind of process comes in very handy when you are going to use a digital player that doesn't offer support for VBR files, as in the case of many of the players on the market, like for example the Pioneer: CDJ-200, CDJ-400...

  You will be able to carry out batch conversions or modify the destination folder of the resulting files. In a few simple steps the process will be complete, which makes WinMP3Packer a lot easier to use.

  To convert MP3 CBR to MP3 VBR format you have to have an application like WinMP3Packer. You'll be able to save space on your MP3 player in a very simple manner and with great results.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires .NET Framework 1.1.4322. It also requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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