Download WinPlusX free today and add the Windows 8 quick access menu to any of the prior operating systems by Microsoft such as Windows 7 or Windows Vista

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There have been many innovations that have been added to Windows 8, including different keyboard shortcuts that weren't present in prior versions. One of these shortcuts is Win+X, a combination of keys that makes a quick menu that offers access to different tasks and functions visible. WinPlusX takes care of adding this function to previous operating systems such as Windows 7 or Vista.


  • Quickly access different parts of the operating system.
  • Customise the menu by adding or eliminating shortcuts from the list.
  • Each new access obtains its icon automatically.
  • Use separators to differentiate between different sorts of shortcuts.
  • Small size and minimum resource consumption.

Add new features to your old Windows

Don't resign yourself to watching how Windows 8 users enjoy more advanced options. If you want to use the Win+X quick access menu from Windows 8 on your old operating system, you only have to download WinPlusX for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor to execute the file.
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