How to use WinRAR and how it works

Despite the complexity of its compression system, WinRAR is an application with a very simple operation. This is due, in part, to the simplicity of its interface and the clarity of its various options.

When you first open the application, you will see that it has an integrated file browser. With it, you can select files to be added to a compressed folder or extract files that were previously compressed.

File explorer in WinRARFile explorer in WinRAR

After selecting any file, use the options on the top toolbar. By clicking on Add, you will access the compression options and be able to create a new compressed folder.

Create a new compressed fileCreate a new compressed file

The settings of the new archive will appear in a pop-up window. From it, you can select the final format, the compression level, and the directory where it will be stored. You can also split the file into several volumes to improve file-sharing.

Window to create compressed filesWindow to create compressed files

Extract to performs an opposite action. After selecting a compressed file, use this button to extract its contents.

Extraction buttonExtraction button

The following four tools will help you better manage your files. Test checks for errors, View opens the archive, Delete deletes it, and finally, Find allows you to search.

Other WinRAR toolsOther WinRAR tools

If you need further help with WinRAR, itsWizard may be the solution. Click this button and use the wizard to make your tasks easier.

File creation wizardFile creation wizard

The wizard will ask you if you want to decompress an archive, create a new one, or add new files to an existing one. Then, follow the steps that will be shown in each case.

Aspect of the creation wizardAspect of the creation wizard

Let´s continue with a review of the most interesting options of WinRAR. Are you having problems with a compressed file? Do not worry. Use Repair to repair it.

Compressed file repair toolCompressed file repair tool

And if you downloaded the file from the network, make sure it is free of malware. After opening it, use the Virus Scan option to check it.

WinRAR’s antivirusWinRAR’s antivirus

All the options we have reviewed so far are within the application. However, several functions can be performed from the file browser, thanks to the integration of WinRAR with Windows 10. In the context menu, you will find shortcuts to create a new archive, to add files to an existing archive, or to start a compression and then send it by e-mail.

Integration with the file explorerIntegration with the file explorer

If you want to use WinRAR on your computer, make sure you get its installer from a safe source. For a fast and reliable download, use the link on this page. Do not forget that, after some time, you will have to buy a license to use this software.