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WinSession allows you to know whatever happens on your computer when you aren't there. Thanks to WinSession you can find out what happens in your absence

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When you share a computer with other family members or flatmates, on many occasions you want to know what happens on your computer while you aren't in front of it, for this kind of cases you can use WinSession.

  This keylogger records absolutely everything that is typed with the keyboard and all the mouse movements that take place while the program is running. Once you are in front of the computer once again, you will be able to see a complete log in WinSession with the data about the time that the computer was used and the screen captures of everything that happened while you were away.

  To do its job properly, and so it isn't detected, WinSession Logger hides in the system as a spyware elimination tool, using alternative icons, even though once the program is launches what you will see the program's real interface.

  As well as all that has been mentioned, WinSession also includes an assistant with which it will be possible to install the keylogger on a remote computer over a local network or on the Internet.

  Therefore, if you want to know everything that happens on your computer, download and install WinSession.
Requirements and additional information:
This application is a keylogger, and as such it may be detected as a virus by many antivirus programs. The trial period lasts for 7 days.
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