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WinSPMBT is an entertaining war game that has combat tanks as main characters. Based on the classic Steel Panthers, WinSPMBT promises a lot of entertainment

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Among the majority of war game emulators, there is a certain tradition to emulate combats between tanks and armored vehicles. WinSPMBT is a game for Windows based on the classic Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank, in which you have to eliminate your enemies making use of their heavy artillery.

  The battles are turn based, and up to two players can play. New nations have been included, Paraguay and Uruguay, thus offering a total of 90 countries. You only have to choose the nation that you want to play with, the date of the confrontation (from the end of World War II to the year 2020) and start to move over the hexagonal board.

  The game maintains the essence of the original, but its data and game modes have been modified to adapt them to the new times. They've added three new scenarios and a new campaign, thus offering a total of 107 scenarios for you to enjoy.

  WinSPMBT will allow you to take on the role of a real combat soldier on board a heavy artillery unit. Move your troops and eliminate your enemies before they try to do the same to you.
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