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Winter Survival, a game application clearly inspired by the Game of Thrones universe, immerses you in an adventure experience in a dangerous winter world

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The Stark family from the Song of Ice and Fire saga has been warning about winter coming for years. In this interesting game, winter has already arrived, and it has come with lots of undead and many dangers. Can you survive in this inhospitable world?

Survive the cold winter and the undead

Winter is already here. And this winter is dark and full of horrors. Halfway between an action role-playing game and a graphic adventure, Winter Survival is a survival game set in a world similar to Game of Thrones.

Our mission will be to survive the harsh winter. And the undead who have begun to rise from their graves, of course. And you can do it on your own, as the game features an open-world style. So, you can gather resources, build a shelter, face this version of the White Walkers, hunt animals, and whatever you want and need to survive another day.

To do this, you have the classic virtual joystick of movement in the lower-left corner, while in the lower-right corner, you have several action buttons to collect objects, attack, change weapons, and such. On the other hand, you also have a complete construction menu where you can easily create lots of tools and items as long as you have previously collected the necessary materials.

In addition, a detail that is very cool about this game is that, before starting your game, you can customize your character. So, you can choose between a man or a woman and choose his/her name and facial features.

Moreover, this game adds an extra twist to typical zombie and survival games, as it is set in a medieval fantasy world. Also, there is a spectacular three-dimensional graphic section that immerses you in a cold and dark atmosphere.

Winter is already here. Fight and survive. If you love the universe created by George R. R. Martin and you are ready for a new adventure while you wait for the next book in the saga to come out (no matter when you read this), this game is a great way to sweeten the wait. So, download the APK file now and get ready to survive the winter!

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Winter Game
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