WinX Blu-ray Decrypter

3.4.1 WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is designed to be able to create security backups of your Blu-ray discs. Enjoy your Blu-ray discs thanks to WinX Blu-ray Decrypter
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Despite the fact that films and videos are still distributed in DVD, it isn't less true that each day it is more common to use Blu-ray optical discs, because they allow the films to be distributed in High Definition (HD). But as it happens with all optical discs, it's necessary to create backups if you want to avoid problems in the future, and to do so you can use WinX Blu-ray Decrypter.

Access the films recorded on Blu-ray discs

The main idea behind WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is to offer the possibility to create backups to avoid losing data due to the damage suffered by a disc or due to it degradation over time.


  • Create backups of full discs or transform from 3D to 2D.
  • Copy everything or only the main video files.
  • Eliminate AACS, BD+, UOPS or BD-Live protection.
  • No quality loss.

All these options make WinX Blu-ray Decrypter one of the best applications when it comes to creating backups of your Blu-ray optical discs. Download WinX Blu-ray Decrypter for free to avoid losing your optical discs.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to decrypt 1024 MB of Blu-ray data per title.
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