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WinZip Self-Extractor is a perfect complement for the WinZip compressor. Download WinZip Self-Extractor and create self-extracting files very easily

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WinZip Self-Extractor is an application focused on the creation of self-extracting files, tremendously useful to make it easier to extract compressed files on any computer, no matter if it has a file compression software application installed or not. Therefore, it is one of the best solutions for the distribution of file packs.

Customize your self-extracting files

Thus, generating files in executable format with WinZip Self-Extractor is very useful, and you'll later be able to take them with you and unpack them automatically on any computer. But not only this, WinZip Self-Extractor is a simple alternative to create your own program installers.

Although this application isn't so complete, and it doesn't have so many options as other programs focused specifically on the creation of installers (like Inno Setup or InstallShield), it's true that it is one of the most simple alternatives available to manage to expand and install a set of files automatically on any computer.

Discover all the compression efficiency of WinZip together with the possibilities offered by the creation of self-extracting files, thanks to WinZip Self-Extractor.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The files generated with the trial version can't be distributed.
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Antony Peel
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