Wippien makes the most of P2P technology to create VPN networks between several computers. Share files privately with your friends thanks to Wippien

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P2P file exchange networks have had a spectacular increase in users over the years, but they have also caused certain viruses to spread, and it's also worth considering the “trap” files. Why not take advantage of P2P to create a network with your friends? That is exactly what Wippien offers.

Be sure about the files that you receive

Wippien uses P2P technology to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between two or more computers, so that they can:

  • Maintain private conversations without any danger of interference on behalf of third parties.
  • Share files with total knowledge of the person that is sending the information.

Connecting with your contacts via Wippien is very simple, because it uses the chat networks offered by other services to notify the user if any of his/her contacts are connected, or if on the contrary there is nobody else about.

Download Wippien for free, one of the easiest ways to share files without having any kind of problem.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Wippien no longer offers support for Jabber, thus it is necessary to connect via other chat services, like for example, the one offered by Google Mail.
  • To change languages you first have to select the software update.
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