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WLM Safe extends the protection of Windows Live Messenger against malicious attacks. With WLM Safe your messenger conversations will be much safer

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Instant messengers are one of the most used tools among the millions of Internet users. For this purpose, virus and spyware developers place their emphasis on this kind of application, searching for a quick way to spread their malicious intentions and to infect as many users as possible. Live Messenger, with its more than 300 million users in the whole world, is usually the instant messaging client that is most prone to this kind of practice.

  The usual thing is to have a security software application in charge of keeping an eye on the threats coming from Live Messenger. Nevertheless, WLM Safe provides new functions in the protection of your instant messenger client that will increase the security level that any user may have.

  It is a pack of scripts created for Messenger Plus! Live that add new protection, detection and elimination functions against the malicious links that are sometimes received during conversations. Likewise, it is possible to detect and block phishing links and spam messages, allowing you to block their senders. It can also block messages from older versions that may freeze the software, or to inform you about your contacts.

  Control the contents of Windows Live Messenger thanks to WLM Safe.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live installed.
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