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Relax and chill out by solving crossword puzzles in Word Life, an entertaining fun mobile puzzle game that features beautiful landscape backgrounds

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Crosswords are a great way to test your mind and expand your vocabulary while having fun. The Socialpoint Studio offers us this beautiful word game that will motivate us to exercise our minds every day. Are you up for the challenge?

Find the hidden words

Are you good with words? Would you like to improve your vocabulary? Word Life is a fun word game available in several languages that offers more than 4,000 levels and lots of hours of fun.

The mechanics are simple. In each level you will see a series of letters at the bottom of the screen, while at the top there are several rows of boxes. Our mission will be to slide our finger over the letters in order (like a soup of letters) to discover the different words that fit in the boxes.

Once we find all the words that fit in the puzzle we can move on to the next level. However, we can also find other valid words that do not fit in the boxes, which will help us to get extra points and prizes.

Discover the most amazing landscapes while you relax doing crosswords on your device.

At first the puzzles are very simple, but they will get more complicated as we go along. In addition, it offers three game modes: levels, daily challenge and play with others. This means that, once the option is unlocked, we can challenge our friends in friendly games.

This game may not offer anything really new, but it's a lot of fun, the interface is very cool and the movement mechanics are very smooth. It also contains different backgrounds with cool landscapes and thousands of levels, which we will spend hours and hours glued to the screen.

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Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
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This year
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