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Word to clean HTML converts texts written with office applications to HTML code. With Word to clean HTML you can spare having to format text with tags

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Word is one of the most widespread text editors, but it doesn't include the option to convert its texts to HTML format. This problem can be solved with a webapp such as Word to clean HTML that generates a clean text to be used on any website, compatible with Microsoft's program as well as with other similar office applications.

Give your Word texts a web format without worrying about tags.


  • Convert documents generated with office applications to HTML format.
  • Remove invalid tags.
  • Generate clean HTML text to be used on webs and eBooks.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word and other similar applications such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
  • Copy the web code generated automatically to the clipboard.
  • Three different views of the converted document.

Adapt your texts to the web by just copying and pasting

Word to clean HTML recognizes Word's text format and automatically converts it to web format. By just copying/cutting and pasting Word2cleanhtml will convert italics or bold fonts into their corresponding HTML tags, or will remove empty paragraphs, all the latter for your perfect adaptation to work with texts on the web.

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