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2.4.3 If you like crosswords, you will enjoy Wordmonger, a game application for smartphones where you have to arrange the letters to find the hidden words
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The Soft Towel Games studio offers us a word game that, while not very original, still gives us a nice experience that will help us stay busy while enriching our vocabulary. Will we be able to find all the hidden words?

An alternative way to do crossword puzzles

Downloading the Wordmonger APK file will give us access to over 3000 crossword puzzles available in over 30 languages. In other words, we can play in our mother language or take advantage of the situation to expand our knowledge of another language.

You will have a great time while sitting down, relaxing, and playing modern crosswords.

During each level, we will see a crossword puzzle, and just below it, a circle with scrambled letters. The goal is to slide your finger over the letters in the correct order to form words. The words have to fit in the grid, but if we find extra terms, we will earn additional points. Also, we will have the help of enhancers and clues.

The game is not very original. However, it does offer us something that differentiates this game from the rest As we progress through the levels, we will be able to collect beautiful images and illustrations of places in the world, animals, art, or famous people. And best of all, we will be able to download those images to use as the wallpaper of our smartphone.

If we like puzzles and word games, downloading this APK file is a must. We can have fun, improve our vocabulary, and decorate our mobile with beautiful images, all in one. And without the need for an internet connection.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Soft Towel Games
6 months ago
100.1 MB

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