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WorldBox is a comprehensive simulation game that is made up of small pixels and invites its players to become gods of their own little digital worlds

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Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be a god? Well, you can now stop wondering thanks to WorldBox, a minimalist simulation game that works like a sandbox in which you can do and undo as you wish in your own world.

Minimalist open world simulation game.

Create, destroy, and rebuild your own world

In this game, the only goal is for you to have fun experimenting and testing things. Through beautiful and amusing graphics made with tiny but well-defined pixels, players must create life in our own world. To do this, we have six basic menus full of possibilities:

  1. Tools to create your world, such as land, oceans, mountains, forests...
  2. Civilizations, kingdoms, and villages.
  3. Animals, creatures, and monsters.
  4. Nature and disasters.
  5. Powers of Destruction.
  6. Other powers.

You can use all these menus however you want, although some are paid options, like elves, dwarves, orcs, and tornadoes. That said, the free options are almost unlimited.

Experiment with different creatures and powers.

Within each tab, you will find many tools to bring your world to life. Experiment with powers and bugs, throw a few humans into the mix, add a few sheep, and then stir it all up with piranhas, cats, wolves, or bears. Let your humans build vast civilizations and then throw a plague or a natural disaster at them. Recreate global warming or freeze the planet. Your imagination is the limit.

You can also play God by even changing the laws of physics. You can determine that peace always reigns among the peoples, prevent imperial expansions, or let your plants grow alone, among other options. This is a minimalist game, but the experience it has to offer is huge.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Maxim Karpenko
3 months ago
108.7 MB

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