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WoW Watcher is a tool for Mac that will offer you information about the status of the Word of Warcraft servers. Download WoW Watcher free on your PC

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WoW Watcher is a useful application for all those player that regularly play the World of Warcraft MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) on their Mac. This will let us know the current status of the server that we usually use to play.

  When we launch WoW Watcher, it will remain on the taskbar. By means of the preferences we will be able to choose which realms we want the application to show the status for. By means of different colors we will be able to know more information about the servers: the green color indicates that it has little popularity; red will indicate that it is a popular server; black will indicate a server that has too much popularity and that may be difficult to access; and last of all, gray will mean that the server isn't working.

  WoW Watcher has some options that we can configure, like how often we want it to update the status of the different servers, that as well as showing the status icon with the colors, will also show the name of the server, or that the application automatically launches when the server is available.

  With WoW Watcher you will no longer have to enter the game to get to know the status of the World of Warcraft servers.
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