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Writefull improves your productivity by checking your spelling while writing texts. With Writefull you can settle your doubts with examples set in a context

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It's quite common to check Google whenever we have a spelling doubt while writing. We can immediately find the right spelling, but the simple fact of checking the search engine interrupts our workflow. Writefull intends to avoid this situation, simplifying the query.

How Writefull works

To check up anything with Writefull, you only have to hold down the Shift+Command key combination while you select the text with the mouse, or you can select the text with your mouse or keyboard and then press Ctrl+Space at the same time. The query will be carried out on Google Books or straight on Google's search engine, offering the results in a small pop-up window.

Settle any spelling doubt without interrupting your workflow.


  • Look up your spelling doubts in Google Books and Google.
  • Check the number of matching results offered by the selected text.
  • Compare the amount of results with other alternative spellings.
  • Check examples with the words used.
  • Find words in the context.
  • Find synonyms.

Compare words in their context

When we use Writefull, we have to take into account that a high amount of matching results probably means that the word is written correctly. In any case, because this fact doesn't mean that the word is being used correctly, despite being spelt right, the best thing we can do is to check it with examples set in a context.

Settle your spelling doubts without reducing your workflow thanks to Writefull.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only available in English.
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