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WS_FTP Server is an FTP server with professional features. Download WS_FTP Server on your computer and manage the exchange of files on your own server

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Having an FTP server allows file exchanges between a group of users that have the corresponding permissions. Many users ask themselves how they can create their own FTP server to be able to share files. There are many solutions to do this, but if you're worried about aspects like security, you'll have to resort to a professional application.

Manage your the files you share on a server

WS_FTP Server is a powerful professional tool to manage the shared files hosted on a server. It's a brilliant tool for work environments in which the workers have to access shared files and information.

The main features of WS_FTP are:

  • FTP server that implements secure file transfer, by means of the use of the SSH/SFTP, SSL/FTPS and HTTP/HTTPS protocols.
  • Implementation of the access control and user permissions.
  • Highly scalable, because it allows you to work with thousands of user accounts and perform hundreds of simultaneous connections without losing quality in the operations that it performs.
  • Default election of Port 80 to be used by the FTP Server.

You can use this FTP server together with any other FTP client, but it's advisable to use WS_FTP Professional to optimize the application's functionality and security.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial of this application lasts for 30 days.
  • It's necessary to have IIS (Internet Information Server) installed.
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