Wuala is an application to store information on the cloud. Access your files wherever you are and share them with your friends by downloading Wuala for free

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Storing files and documents on the cloud is becoming more common every day, mainly due to the expansion of many online storage services. Wuala has been launched with the idea in mind of creating its own group of users that will allow it to compete with the big programs of this kind like Dropbox and similar services.

Wuala is a secure online storage service. With it you will be able to save backups of your files on the cloud and access them wherever there is an Internet connection, synchronize your files on various computers or share them with friends and work colleagues. And all this process will be encrypted to guarantee your privacy:

  • Create backups of your files and avoid losing data. Access them from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Share files with friends and workmates, it isn't necessary for them to be registered on the service. The links generated by the application to access the pack can be used immediately.
  • Access the contents stored in your Wuala folder from various computers. Any change or modification will affect all computers thanks to the synchronization options.

In the case of a data loss or accidental deletion, Wuala will allow you to recover them, also the recovery of previous versions. To start off you will have a storage space of 1 GB. This may seem a little small, but the people at LaCie, company in charge of Wuala, offer three ways to increase the storage capacity: paying, sharing files with the rest of Wuala users or inviting your friends to the service.

Download Wuala for free, upload your files to the cloud and take advantage of a service like this.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This installation requires an Internet connection.
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