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X-Chat is a practical IRC client with a graphical environment. Download X-Chat free for Linux and chat with other users with this customizable client

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X-Chat is an IRC Client with a simple interface that any user will find useful, no matter what level they are. X-Chat will allow the more advanced users to customize the functions of the IRC client as suitable as possible.

  This client allows us to connect to any IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network. This kind of network makes it possible to communicate with all those people that are connected to the same channel.

  The first thing that we have to do when we install X-Chat is to configure its connection window. From it we will configure the networks to which we are going to connect, the servers and the nicks that we are going to use. Once we have the configuration ready, we'll already have the window where we can chat ready. This window has a list of the nicks that are currently in use in the channel, a field to write and a list with the windows we have open.

  X-Chat has many different visual configuration options, which are completely customizable. If you're looking for an IRC client to be able to chat without too many complications, try out X-Chat for Linux.
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