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Play your videos with great quality using the x264 Codec, a video codec that is perfect to accomplish a great image quality with high compression ratios

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x264 Codec is one of the video codecs that has gained most importance over the last years, because it has been used as the base to develop other very important codecs like MP4 (that is becoming a standard in what regards to playing videos on mobile devices) and H.264 (that is gaining its own space within the most used for video compression).

  Both the installation as well as the use of this codec are very simple, because once it's saved on our system, we'll only have to play the video file that requires this codec to be able to make sure that it works.

  The basic version of this codec, that offers a very high compression level and incredible image quality, is still not compatible with the Blu-ray and HD-DVD standards.

  If you usually watch videos and films on your computer and you still haven't updated your codec pack to enjoy these new formats, you should start off by downloading x264 Codec, also known as x264 Video Codec, which is a real revolution with regard to digital contents.
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