XLD is a tool with which you can decode, convert and play audio without losing quality. Download XLD for free and you will be able to easily rip CDs

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If you want a good music codec and, at the same time, a software that allows you to decode, convert and play quality and lossless format audio, XLD or X Lossless Decoder is a really good option to install on your Mac OS X.

  This software manages to compress any kind of music with great quality, and even though the size of resulting formats can be somewhat big, the truth is that anyone that listens to music will appreciate it because unlike others like MP3, WMA or FLAC, lossless formats don't lose quality when converted.

  XLD supports various lossless formats among which we'll find: OGG, Monkey's Audio, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV. And of course, with each new version of XLD, new codecs are always added, provided they reach certain popularity.

  This utility has had certain growth and it has direct connection with the renowned CDDB to tag all the files that are converted from its utility to rip CDs. The truth is that XLD is a very complete tool that music lovers will really know how to appreciate.
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