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XML Notepad is a document editor in XML format that is ideal for developers. Make the most of its versatility and ease of use, download XML Notepad for free

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XML Notepad is a practical XML file editor, that has a simple appearance, it isn't at all complex to handle and has a series of tools that provide the program with versatility.

XML (Extensive Markup Language) files can be used as a standard kind of file to exchange information between different platforms, as well as being one of the best methods to define programming languages depending on your needs.

Main features

  • Utility to find differences between two files that are apparently identical.
  • Tree view to be able to quickly edit values.
  • Support for endless Undo/Redo actions.
  • Configurable fonts.
  • User-friendly interface to easily handle it.

This editor is a perfect tool for developers, which are the users that work the most with XML files.

Discover one of the most simple and practical programs to edit XML files, after downloading and installing XML Notepad on your computer.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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