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When you download XMovie for free you will have the possibility to enjoy all your uncompressed videos on Linux with an image quality never seen before

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Some years ago when you tried to watch certain video formats on Linux operating systems you could encounter certain problems, specially when you tried to enjoy uncompressed formats. That was one of the main reasons behind the development of XMovie.

  This application was launched to substitute XAnim, that couldn't play stereo sound, and MTV, that was a shareware project. Thanks to XMovie it was possible for the first time to enjoy uncompressed video with stereo sound with a totally free software application.

  XMovie was developed for high quality videos, making it an unwise choice when it came to enjoying low quality videos downloaded from the Internet. It offered us the possibility to search within an MPEG stream while it was still being downloaded, to be able to check that the video was the correct video.

  Another of the things that XMovie was prepared for was to be able to use it to check new video libraries. Furthermore, since they had been developed by the same team, it allowed us to play non-standard videos created with Cinelerra.

  Therefore, if you need a video player that works with uncompressed videos, you only have to download XMovie for free.
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