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News groups have been a rather reliable and updated information source for certain issues for quite some time. In the last few years they have been replaced by other information sharing means, but they can still offer lots of quality contents. By using software like Xnews you can access all the groups that are still active.

  Once you have configured the server you want to connect to, you'll be able to view all the groups that you can subscribe to. Choose the ones you like most, and you will receive all updates straight on our desktop.

  In the case that we want to subscribe to other groups on a different server, there will be no problem. Xnews will allow the user to configure different servers, allowing you to keep track of groups on all the servers you have configured.

  Regarding the visualization of news articles, you'll be able to use one of the several configurations available.

  If you're subscribed to a paid server, Xnews will have no problem accessing the service.
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Antony Peel
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