Once you download XnSketch you will be able to modify any image to look like a sketch or a caricature. Its interface makes XnSketch very easy to use

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Photo enhancement programs can give your images a totally new touch, especially those that change their conception radically. An example of the latter is XnSketch, a program with which you can convert your images into caricatures and sketches.

Rapid and easy way to convert an image into a caricature.

XnSketch is a very easy-to-use and rapid program to apply image effects. Its interface includes everything you need and you won't have to search in menus full of options. It allows you to apply many colour effects that distort the image until it becomes a real cartoon, like those that you could find in a comic. On the other hand, in XnView Sketch, other aspects such as brightness or contrast can also be modified easily. In a matter of seconds you can enhance an image and have it ready to be saved or shared on social networks.


  • More than twenty effects that can be applied to the image.
  • Control panel for colour aspects (brightness, contrast, exposure, etc.).
  • Zoom and flip control.
  • Possibility to share on social networks and by email.
  • Simple interface.

Download XnView Sketch for free and be surprised by the possibilities offered by this simple program when it comes to applying cartoon aesthetics to your images.

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Antony Peel
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