Xobni is an Outlook plug-in with which we can improve the features of this mail client. Download Xobni free of charge and organise all your emails

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Outlook is such an important and complex software application that many times we miss a program like Xobni, the main purpose of which is to make our work easier and improve the organization of all elements. This plug-in for Outlook integrates into the program and increases its features, allowing us to improve our productivity.

All our contacts under control and organized

Once installed, Xobni shows us a bar on which we can rapidly search for any email, but we can also obtain information about our contacts directly from social networks (such as LinkedIn or Facebook), and view emails as if they were conversations, allowing us to follow the thread of the discussion. But that's not all, Xobni can also complete and update the information of any of your contacts, using whatever they have written on their online profiles, always having up-to-date information about their workplace, photo or place of residence.

Furthermore, if we are looking for an attached file, Xobni will show them all in order, so we don't have to remember its exact name or the email in which it arrived.

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Antony Peel
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