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XPde Desktop Environment is a desktop environment for Linux with the appearance of Windows XP. Download and check out XPde Desktop Environment for free

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XPde Desktop Environment is a desktop environment for Linux distributions that allows the user to give his operating system a graphical environment that looks like Windows XP. It is ideal for those users that switch platforms and that find using the distribution of their choice rather difficult.

  This development changes several different aspects of the system like the shape of the windows, the taskbar, the icons to manage the windows, the start menu and the system tray, looking very similar to the operating system developed by Microsoft.

  With regard to the colors, it's worth highlighting the blue tones that the developers have used, due to the fact that they are rather nicer than the gray tones used by default in Windows XP. Obviously, after being installed, the program will react just as if we had launched them under any other desktop environment.

  If you're starting to use Linux and you're looking for a utility that will help you learn how to use it, you should install XPde Desktop Environment on your computer.
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