xVideoServiceThief is a program to download videos compatible with dozens and dozens of sites. Make your video collection grow thanks to this application

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What is xVideoServiceThief and what's it for?

It’s an application that can be used to download videos from different multimedia content sites and all sorts of websites, and also allows us to convert each one of them to the format of our choice. It’s a download client that’s compatible with the main online video and streaming services. It currently supports over 90 different sites, although this number increases by the day. Amongst the webs from where we can download videos, we have to point out YouTube, Google Videos, Dailymotion, LiveLeak, and Metacafe, as well as webs containing adult contents. Apart from the Windows version, xVideoServiceThief can also be downloaded for other platforms such as Mac or Linux.

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How to download videos with xVideoServiceThief

To download videos with xVideServiceThief, simply go to the button you’ll find on the right-hand-side of the main interface that reads Add Video. Click on this button to open a pop-up window. Once pasted, on the right hand-side you’ll see an icon that indicates the web that it belongs to (YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe…) and you’ll only have to press Accept to start downloading the video in question.

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Is xVideoServiceThief safe?

xVideoServiceThief is a program that comes along with security measures so that you can’t download any old video from the Internet. Thus, you can prevent kids or any other users of your computer from using this program to access the download of inappropriate contents.

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