How to use xVideoServiceThief

This video download client is very easy to use. How it works is very similar to that of other programs of the same nature, as is the case of aTube Catcher. But before you do anything, after you run the program for the very first time, it’s advisable to go to the lower part of the interface. That’s where you’ll find a box from where you’ll be able to configure the output folder. In other words, the location on your hard drive where you’ll save the videos you download by means of this software. Once you’ve done so, it works as follows:

  1. Step 1: on the right hand-side of the interface, we’ll find the option Add Video. By clicking on this button, we’ll open a window where we can copy and paste the URL of the video that we may have found on sites of the likes of Vimeo or YouTube.
  2. Step 2: if we go to More Options, we’ll have the chance to configure everything that has to do with the final version of the file that we’re going to download. The format, image quality, sound quality, download times (because we might want to schedule the download)…
  3. Step 3: just click on Accept to start downloading the video or its audio, depending on what we may have chosen to extract from the original file.
  4. Step 4: if we need so, on the right hand-side we can access controls to pause, resume, and cancel a download although we can also do so by right-clicking with our mouse on it to drop down the contextual menu.

We’ll be able to view different data about each download such as its total size, its progress, the time remaining for it to be completed, and the transfer speed. Anyhow, that’s quite common in all these kinds of programs to download videos and other files.