Is xVideoServiceThief safe?

xVideoServiceThief is a program that comes along with security measures so that you can’t download any old video from the Internet. Thus, you can prevent kids or any other users of your computer from using this program to access the download of inappropriate contents.

It incorporates a list of safe or permitted sites that includes all the webs with which this application is compatible, as well as another list of websites blocked due to the user’s own criteria. Apart from configuring the latter, we can also add an extra security layer, enabling a password so that these lists can’t be edited without prior authorization.

The safe lists can be configured as follows:

  1. Step 1: on the main screen of the program, go to the bottom right hand-side tab that reads More options
  2. Step 2: once in the options menu, go the panel on the left hand-side, and choose the fifth option represented by a shield that says Ups!.
  3. Step 3: that’s when we’ll see on the left hand-side the list of safe sites. Just select those that you want to block and they’ll be transferred to the list on the right by means of the arrows you can see in the middle of the interface between both columns. You won’t be able to download videos from all those that appear on the right.
  4. Step 4: to protect this configuration by means of a password, tick the box on the upper part of the menu that reads Disable adult websites support. A window will pop-up asking us to write the password of our choice, which will be requested each time we want modify the composition of these lists.