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Yabause is an emulator for Linux of the classic Sega Saturn game console. If you're a fan of this video game console, download Yabause and play once again

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Yabause is an emulator of the popular Sega Saturn game console that was once the direct rival of the first PlayStation. If you want to play those legendary games that made you enjoy yourself so much in the past, like Dragon Force, Sega Rally, Alien Trilogy or House of the Dead, you have to try out this emulator for Linux and enjoy these games for hours on end.

Relive your Sega Saturn times.

Practical emulator for Linux

Many people miss playing fabulous game consoles like the Sega Saturn. Yabause offers you the possibility to do so on your Linux. A positive feature of Yabause is that it allows you to configure the application very easily, so as to start playing without any problem. You'll be able to load the games, both if you have them on CD/DVD, or if you have them stored as an ISO image. Yabause also includes the following features:

  • Yabause has simple settings that refer to the video, audio, playing mode by means of the keyboard, mouse or joystick, and input.
  • Allows you to take screen captures or to record videos of your games.
  • You can pause the game and resume it whenever you want.

If you're a nostalgic of the Sega Saturn video game console, try out Yabause and play those great games once again.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires the installation of libraries.

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