Yacas is a computer algebra system with which to create mathematical expressions on your PC. No algebraic secrets once you download Yacas free on your PC

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This computer algebra system (CAS) is open source and has been developed based on its own programming language, thus offering the possibility for each user to be able to implement his own algorithms.

  The simplicity and flexibility of Yacas is contrasted. It has a large scripts library that implements many of the basic operations that are related with algebra. Yacas, acronym of Yet Another Computer Algebra System, supports bignum arithmetic (arbitrary-precision arithmetic) and is capable of launching symbolic handling in different mathematical objects depending on the rules established by the user.

  You will have to thoroughly study the Yacas manual to know how to carry out all the procedures it has available. It provides very useful information that will help you to learn how to handle this apparently small, yet very powerful tool.

  Handle all kinds of mathematical expressions after downloading Yacas. Create your own algorithms and take full advantage of how easy it is to implement them in this application developed under the GPL license.
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