YaCy is a search engine that uses the information indexed by the users to show results. Are you tired of the information by Google and Bing, download YaCy

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Do you want to have access to a search engine? Do you want to access a search engine that receives its data from the information provided by its users? The solution is called YaCy.

Do without Google or Bing

The main idea of YaCy is to be able to do without the search engines that use proprietary software like Google and Bing, in such a way that no search is censored nor controlled by a company. To carry out the searches YaCy checks all the pages that have been indexed by their users and show the results.

Create your own search engine for your company

Another of the uses that YaCy has is the creation of a search engine that indexes all the information that is input by the user, in such a way that it can be used within an Intranet to access information a lot quicker.

Using YaCy is extremely simple, and it includes a full series of tutorials so that the users can learn how to use it much quicker.

Therefore, access uncensored information when you search, download YaCy.

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