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Download Yahoo! Axis for Firefox free of charge and change your way of browsing. Obtain search results just like a miniature photo roll with Yahoo! Axis

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Try out a web browser with a totally different and alternative concept. Yahoo! Axis is a browser inside your browser, the main appeal of which is its visual aspect.

Redefine searches and web browsing.

Carry out your own searches, you'll notice that you no longer have the usual lists of links. Yahoo! Axis offers a mosaic of images of all the results obtained in real time.

Features of Yahoo! Axis

  • Firefox add-on.
  • Innovating web browser with WebKit rendering engine.
  • Search for web pages and access them without resorting to lists.
  • Also available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and for mobile devices.
  • Synchronize your history, bookmarks and favourites with your Yahoo! account and with the rest of sections.

Change the way you browse

Yahoo! Axis works as an add-on for computer-based web browsers, although it has its own application for mobile devices. You will find it very easy to install on Firefox and start using it.

Move your cursor to the bottom part of the browser to see the toolbar and the search box. The results appear immediately. Welcome to the new web browsing era, download Yahoo! Axis for free.

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