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Having a good pack of tools like Yahoo! Widgets is always advisable. Download Yahoo! Widgets for free, a pack of basic tools that you can install on your PC

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Yahoo! Widgets is a collection of simple desktop utilities, similar to those that are included in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but with a much more modern aspect. Thanks to these tools you can get to know some data like the time, the weather forecast or the latest news.

  The application also includes a virtual photo frame, a utility to get to know the latest stock exchange news, a calculator, an RSS reader or a viewer to know the status of our PC's memory.

  From the official website you will have access to more than 1,500 different widgets, from small games, to all kinds of alarms, as well as controllers for your favorite multimedia players.

  The interface can be customized by means of one of the hundreds of skins it has available, in such a way that adapting its appearance to that of your computer will be a simple and fast task.

  Discover how comfortable it can be to always have a set of utilities available on your desktop, thanks to Yahoo! Widgets.
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