Yascu is a one of the free screen capturers that offers most options to its users. Download Yascu free to capture any that happens on your computer screen

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I must be said that there are multiple options when it comes to capturing a computer's screen that offer more options that what the 'Print Scr' command included by the system includes, but the vast majority of them only include two or three options in their free distributions, something that doesn't happen with Yascu

Yet Another Screen Capture Utility

Yascu is the acronym of Yet Another Screen Capture Utility, but its name isn't actually up to the reality of the large amount of options that it offers its users when it comes to capture anything on the screen. Because unlike many other applications, Yascy allows to capture:

  • The full screen.
  • The active window.
  • The mouse area.
  • The contents of the clipboard.
  • A specific area.
  • An area chosen by the user.
  • And much more.

Furthermore, by using keyboard shortcuts Yascu allows the user to send the captures directly to a drawing application to be able to edit them or, if its installed, to Yascy Mirror to show them, something that can come in very handy when it comes to working in a classroom.

Therefore, if you are looking for an application that will allow you to capture the screen, you only have to download Yascu.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
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