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Download Yo Frankie! free for Mac, a platform game where you control Frankie, a rather rebellious squirrel with a strong urge to annoy other animals

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Yo Frankie! is an entertaining platform game for Mac starring Frankie the squirrel, one of the characters from the amusing animation short film, "Big Buck Bunny".

As Frankie loves annoying everybody so much, the video game Yo Frankie! couldn't really be about anything else. The objective is to annoy everyone that you can as much as possible, while overcoming the different obstacles you find in your path.

Proving the possibilities of open source

This game originated from the hard work of a community of very dedicated developers that set out to prove the capabilites of Blender, Crystal Space 3D and Python as video game design tools that live up to the industry standards. Play a few rounds of this great achievement and discover for yourself that open source can compete with commercial products.

You can download Yo Frankie! free for Mac now and see if the efforts have been worth it. Enjoy this entertaining and original game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Blender 2.49a is required.
  • To run the game you need to enter in the "Levels" folder and double click on the file "start_menu.blend".
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